Cruzeiro Seixas

He attended António Arroio, a school for decorative arts, from 1935 to 1941, while he also participated in the meetings at Café Hermínius. Like the other surrealists, he was attracted to Neo-Realism (1945-1946), but artistic concerns and aesthetic and ideological desires for liberation drew him to Surrealism.
In 1948, he took part in the activity of the surrealists, keeping in close contact with Mário Cesariny and other members of the group that would later call themselves Os Surrealistas, of which he was a prominent member.
He took on the surrealist project in 1949 and has not abandoned it since then. He has asserted himself in the field of ​​drawing, where he has developed a quite unique universe with great technical expertise. In his work, he represents a ‘strange and cruel’ imaginary universe using black and white contrasts.
In 1951, he enlisted in the merchant navy, travelling through Africa, India, and the Far East. He ended up settling in Angola until the end of the colonial war. In that country, he developed a taste for the so-called ‘primitive art’. His individual path has led him to pursue his surrealist activity to this day and age.
His personal collection consisted of letters, postcards, handwritten notebooks, photographs, drawings, catalogues, screen prints, collages, paintings, among others.

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